Excerpts  of live performance


​​​The Minissale Dress Shop


​​​​​​Inside the fairytale Italian palazzo, filled with gold mirrors, fountains, operatic music and singing birds, sad spirits long for love to quell the family curse.

La Giara (The Water Jug) merges Italian Folk and Opera with Brazilian Choro and Jazz, telling the story of a family’s emigration from Sicily to Philadelphia. Comprised of dramatic and comedic compositions, La Giara expresses themes relevant to gender oppression and cultural losses that immigrant families transcended while adapting to a new world. 


"A Music Score that  evokes melodies of  Puccini,  swing of American Ragtime,  lyrics of Gilbert and Sullivan,  drive of Brazilian rhythm, and memorable songs of  ​Musical Theater."

​– Jimmy Raiford, Independent Broadcast Networks

Based on a true story...

A Story about Longing

Hot-tempered Nunzio, explosive as Mount Etna in Sicily, thinks he wears the pantaloni

in his family until his wife and two daughters suddenly disappear...​

​​​​La Giara

The Water Jug​​
Book and Stage Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics

by Patricia King Haddad