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Author/Composer's words:

“La Giara hit me like lightening some years ago, when in the middle of one night I started writing stories that my mother told me as a child. I never stopped writing and  became obsessed with my family’s past and its characters. As the story evolved and compositions emerged, I experienced a constant soundtrack in my head, as if my ancestral spirits were sitting on my shoulder. I awakened first thing in the morning with La Giara music in my head, and heard the last notes of the work as I drifted off to sleep. The book and music work resulted from a reciprocal, creative process.
                                                                                Patricia Haddad

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Composer, pianist, vocalist and writer, Patricia King first stepped on stage at age seven to perform in various musical theater productions. After years of singing, acting and dancing, Patricia went on to focus her studies at North Carolina School of the Arts as a voice major. Equally passionate about composition and jazz piano, Patricia became involved with jazz and future husband – Brazilian composer, Orlando Haddad. Their marriage and music partnership evolved into several decades of performing, writing and recording six CDs of original music for their Brazilian ensemble, Minas.

While writing La Giara,  the artistic process turned into a series of cyclical inspiration... from the manuscript that created material for dramatic and comedic compositions, to the music which expanded the story, which in turn emerged into a dramatic narrative, enhancing and enhanced by the music.

What makes La Giara a particularly compelling work, is that it is a personal family story expressed by the author's varied music writing, using  Musical Theater, Opera, Jazz and Brazilian influences, creating a rich and unique music narrative.