Listen to "There Once Was a Family" to hear about this mysterious house!


One day the children made a puppet show

A comedy to help them survive

The psychological maze in the mansion

Filled with dark secrets and lies

"​​Oh my, La Giara was beyond beyond beyond !!!!!!  

The breadth and sophistication of your music is just astonishing --so many moods and styles, each expressive of a different lived experience, never going harmonically or melodically where the listener QUITE expects it to go...  

You have put your family story together in a way that is utterly unique to you, while connecting to the stories and longings in each listener's own heart – you could tell because people were sharing bits of their own family stories with each other during intermission. This, I believe, is what makes something "art", that it resonates  for the listener/viewer, not just for the person who created it. And great art, like La Giara, sends us out into great waves of longing, remembrance, feeling, and reflection, jouncing us about on the sea."

– Jenny Beer

The House was magical,

enchanted, but so illogical...

And all lived in a constant fear

when their Papa was near

Like birds inside a cage

cringing at his awful rage

​Those poor grandchildren

ruled by a nasty tyrant